Jan 11, 2010

The Gospel is like blockbuster films of 2009.

The Gospel is like a lot of things. The Gospel is kind of like that movie "Avatar," because Neal A. Maxwell said there are people on other worlds, and I think that if we find them, we should be nice to them.

The Gospel is kind of like those "Harry Potter" movies, because we're special and we have special powers. Well, not really powers, but, like, the Priesthood and stuff. And we should share our testimonies with muggles.

I saw a movie called "Up" and it reminded me that we are all going "up," into Heaven. An old man puts balloons on his house and floats it to South America. Balloons are like faith, and South America is like the Celestial Kingdom (but probably more dirty and dangerous). Anyway, the Gospel is like a Disney-owned CGI-centric film company that got big because of a Tom Hanks cowboy and a Tim Allen spaceman.

There was this film called "Angels and Demons" in theaters recently and it just reminded me of how blessed we are to have the Restoration. Seriously, so blessed.

The Gospel is like "2012," because, um, well, the world is going to end and we had better be ready. But in the film, the sun hates us, and in real life, the Son loves us. Get it? Sun and Son? The Gospel is like my cleverness: infinite. Just kidding! But seriously, I want to close with my testimony that the world will end in 2012.



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I wish could post a picture with my head exploding...

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