Jan 21, 2010

The Gospel is like beer.

The Gospel is like a lot of things, including alcohol distribution. See, when I was a missionary, I went "tracting" (knocking on doors) all too often. During one of these tracting adventures, a man's Budweiser truck pulled into his driveway as we were knocking on his door. He got out and approached us and we introduced ourselves. As I explained what my companion and I were doing at his house, he seemed mildly interested in at least a short synopsis of what we would teach him, if hypothetically he were to invite us in. We gave him a miniature lesson. When trying to explain why God sends prophets, I took another look at this man's truck, and I said:

"You know, it's kind of like your profession. When you drive that truck, you represent the Budweiser company. As you distribute their product, you are acting on their behalf. Not just anyone can drive that truck. It has to be someone delegated by the company to go out - driving a truck with their name - to distribute beer. In a way, God sends prophets for the same reason. God is like the head of the Budweiser company, and prophets (or missionaries, for that matter) are His employees. We act on His behalf, and distribute His good word under His name and authority. It isn't ours (you don't produce your own beer to ship with that truck, now do you?), but we are given stewardship over it.

So, when there aren't any more prophets, the Gospel can't be distributed to everyone anymore. This is bad. Imagine a country without beer. Now imagine the beer is the Gospel. Basically, the Great Apostacy was akin to the days of Prohibition, and the Restoration is akin to the US Constitution's 21st Amendment."

He liked the analogy. I hope you do too.

I'm going to close by testifying that when the Second Coming happens, we will get to drink wine with Jesus, cause He was all about that in the New Testament days. That is all I have to say about that.



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Schutzenegger said...

I remember those epic days. In fact, I remember when you back to the apartment and told us the story.
So good.

Anonymous said...

that caused me some awkward squirming and a deep sense of satisfaction. i am so excited for wine times for mormons via the second coming. do you think we'll have wine tasting events?